Amka Films Productions SA
a documentary film by Alessandra Müller
Switzerland 2005, Digi Beta, 80',o.v. Spanish, sbt. English


Vision du Réel, Swiss documentary competition, Nyon 2005

Festival International Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, La Havana 2005 – Mention of National Council of Casa de la Cultura



Sara Gomez was a searcher. She was the first afro-cuban woman filmmaker to have shot a fiction and, more than thirty years later the film (as well as her documentaries) remains so vibrant, so contemporary, so touching.

She searched new territories and tried to bring together opposite worlds to create new landscapes. She died like a drama character, in the early seventies aged thirty one, and left a couple of brilliant films, two husbands, three children and the ones who knew her to regret her. She left no apparent trail in the new filmmakers generation, but it’s as if her ghost is still around, sometimes in the most unexpected places.

This film tells a love story: of her husband Germinal (who was also one of the finest Latin-American sound persons) and Sara, of Sara and her family, of Sara and cinema and her culture.


Director: Alessandra Müller

Cinematography: Fulvio Mariani

Music: Gabriel Scotti

Editing: Samuela Rinaldi

Sound: Germinal Hernandez


Production: Amka Films Productions

Co-production: RSI-Swiss Television, Iceberg Film SA


With the support of Republic and Canton of Ticino, Fonds Régio, ICAIC Istituto Cinema Cubano