Amka Films Productions SA
a documentary film by Andrée Julikà Tavares & Gianluca Monnier
Switzerland, 2018, 63', o.v. Italian, French



A man and a woman cross the non-places of tourism. They talk without looking at each other. They seek themselves without finding themselves. Around them, interchangeable landscapes of uninhabited houses with pools, skyscrapers in the middle of the Alps, whole abandoned villages. And in this empty set, the voice of the French anthropologist Marc Augé. A radical and philosophical critique of consumer society.


Direction, subject, screenplay, editing: Andrée Julikà Tavares and Gianluca Monnier

Texts and voice: Marc Augé

Camera: Erika Imler

Sound: Rico Andriolo

Sound design: Fabio Meschiari, Rico Andriolo

Sound mix: Digilab

Editing supervision: Emanuela Andreoli

Original music: Gianluca Monnier

With: Andrée Julikà Tavares and Gianluca Monnier


Production: Amka Films Productions

Coproduction: RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera, Parapluie Pictures