Amka Films Productions SA
a documentary film by Andrea Pellerani
Switzerland 2017, 71'8'', o.v. Italian, Swiss-German, sbt. English


Ultimo giro (Last Ride) is the story of the last family of merry-go-round operators from the Ticino, on the 100th anniversary of their activity in Switzerland.

The story is told through the point of view of the son who, from behind the camera, wants to discover and document his past; a search for his roots, his homeland, but at the same time well aware of being a part of a story that has existed for three generations yet will most likely have reached it’s end.

A century long journey that in a unique and unusual way, compares the Ticino of yesterday and that of today, through the eyes of those who are the last of the local wanderers, the «giostratt». We begin with little documentation other than that of black and white photographs once again brought to life thanks to narration and period images from television and radio. The present, constructed of lights and sounds in high definition, will interact with this past to tell the story of a century of merry-go-rounds in the Ticino and the changes that have taken place over that time.

With the presence of diverse Swiss-German merry-go-round operators, the view will also be extended to the other side of the Gotthard to show the differences and similarities to that in the Ticino.

The portrait of a family, in other words, that will show us how the merry-go-round operators live today, as well as giving us a guided tour through their past. A story lived by filling the ‘piazze’ of the Ticino with light and colorful merry-go-rounds.


Director: Andrea Pellerani

Screenplay: Andrea Pellerani

Photography: Andrea Pellerani

Editing: Jacopo Quadri


Production: Amka Films, RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera