Amka Films Productions SA
a documentary film by Antonio Prata
Switzerland 2019, 56', o.v. Italian, French, st. Itaian, English



Giuseppe lives in a van in the heart of Paris, a few meters from the Beaubourg. He has long since stopped communicating with men and his life is barely affected by the excited pace of the thousands of people who cross the Marais every day. His time, his resources, his physical as well as mental space are dedicated to pigeons, the birds that inhabit the cities, abused animals that the old man defends and feeds suffering daily threats and attacks. Pigeons were considered reliable messengers in the past, but are now the most hated animals by man. In a Paris wounded by the terrorist attacks, people try to react as they can to fear and loss without losing their soul. Giuseppe, in his microcosm, immersed in his poetics, observes what surrounds him, convinced that the world has already lost its soul. A metropolitan fairy tale about loneliness and the ruins of a society in which every gesture of rebellion seems to dissolve into indifference.


Direction: Antonio Prata

Screenplay: Antonio Prata and Lara Fremder

Director of photography: Giorgio Carella

Sound: Stefano Mosimann

Editing: Veronica Scotti

Music: Machinefabriek, Olivier Messiaen, Sains Saens, Luca Fois

Script: Nevia Elezovic, Antonio Prata


Production: Tiziana Soudani, Amka Films

Co-production: Silvana Bezzola, RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera